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Age: 23-24

Gender: Male

Status: Alive


Entre was a successful Once-ler who wanted to expand his business horizons by developing thneeds that were colored beyond the natural pinks, oranges, and lavenders. The fruits of these trees were not to be eaten though, according to the botanists he hired. After putting the trees in the orchard, barbaloots found their way in and ate some of the fruit, causing violent reactions. However, once sales started booming, Entre ignored the problem and kept producing the new colorful thneeds. As time went on swomee swans and hummingfish started eating the fruits and got sick too. The trees began to grow a moss that would emit a yellow glow at night. Things began to get worrisome with a worker was bitten and the barbaloots became more and more hostile. At first he and the botanists thought that is was just the bites making the employees sick, but it turned out that the glowing moss was also spreading the flu. To combat any more infection Entre contained the trees to enclosed green houses, implemented mandatory gas masks, and started using remote controlled axe-hackers. This became a set back though when a remote axe-hacker broke the side of a green house. By this point the glowing moss had covered most of the trees in the valley and Entre had to completely stop the production of the special colored thneeds. Factory workers began disappearing at the same time Entre mandated that most employees stay indoors and all employees wear gas masks at all times. Greenville began to wear gas masks as well after citizens began developing the same symptoms as the factory workers. Entre sent his family and most of his away for their own safety and halted production as the disappearances continued. Eventually he ended up sending everyone away and he even stopped seeing his Lorax. While looking for a way to destroy the moss on his own, Entre came across a human covered in glowing yellow boils crawling around on all fours. Not too long after escaping it, he decided it was time to pack up Melvin to go looking for supplies. Before leaving he burned down his remaining truffula orchard and set off into the world.


Swag Edit

Swag and Entre have a very complex relationship. Swag was very antagonizing towards Entre at first, calling him names and making fun of him a lot, but over time their relationship changed as Entre failed as a leader and went to Swag for help. They agreed to respect each other enough to lead the camp the best they could, and slowly became closer.

One night Entre got drunk, and he and Swag talked into the night. Before going to sleep Entre kissed him. They both admitted to have needed that moment.

The two grew into a very intimate relationship, very open and trusting with each other. They eventually began sharing a bed as well. As Swag distanced himself from others in his fears of losing them, he and Entre remained close.

Rocky Edit

Entre was annoyed with Rocky and Swag together,due to their loud and obnoxious behavior. But when separated, he likes them both. Rocky often helps out when Entre is busy. Rocky took a zombie bite for Entre, and got infected. Rocky accepted his fate and didn't hold anything against Entre, and he in return gained a deep appreciation for him. They got to know each other better after Rocky's infection, as Swag and Rocky had grown apart. They sang and played songs together, and went on some supply runs together as well.

Bitter Edit

When Bitter's infection was too much for him to control, it was Entre who killed him. It really upset Entre to have to do it, as he was very close to Bitter. He had strong feelings for him as well, which he never told him.

One Edit

One tries to help Entre relax when he is stressed.

72 Edit

72 was Entre's mentor before the flu broke out.

Dave was Entre's assistant before the flu broke out; but he still lives among the camp, helping when he is needed.

Prisma Edit

Prisma helped Entre when Swag couldn't, and Entre mourned with Swag when Prisma died in a zombie attack.


  • Entre is to blame for the Flu's existence.