Jurassic Camp is a 2012 Lorax-based science fiction horror/thriller roleplay storyline camp led by Pappy the Old Onceler, and is expanded from the prologue of the same universe storyline by Camp Entre. It stars Audrey McLeod, Parker Johnson, and Pappy the Old Onceler. The roleplay centers on a fictional airport located near the Truffula Valley, where a billionaire entrepreneur and a small team of genetic scientists have created a widespread epidemic of genetically alterred, virus-bearing truffula trees.

Before Camp Entre's prologue was even published, many studios had already begun coming up with headcanons and characters to participate in the roleplay. Pappy, with the backing of his Lorax, acquired a blog after Entre's prologue's publication on August 15th, followed by a fanfic by The Sassy Lorax, released on August 24th. Audrey wrote her own prologue on August 22nd, which although based on the prologue provided for Camp Entre, was entirely independent of their storyline and not created in collaboration with members of that camp. The third member of the camp, Parker Johnson, created his blog on October 6th, his story being revealed through his and Audrey's first meeting.

Both Audrey and Pappy started their journeys independently, but eventually joined together and later added Parker. The story is far from completed, and blogs are now inactive. 

Story SummaryEdit

Entre the Once-ler, CEO of Thneeds Inc., has created new colored truffula trees: trees genetically mutated from their natural pink, orange and yellow colored tufts to produce a tufts which are turquoise, purple and teal. However, the trees--for an unknown reason--are unable to support the genetic alteration and produce glowing boils on their trunks along with fruit bearing a strange ability to create rabid behavior in those who consume it. The virus spreads and soon the thneed factory is forced to shut down due to the effects of the virus on humans as well as the animals and fruit, and the inability to conclude what the exact cause of the virus is. The infection spreads, causing a zombie apocalypse.

Audrey McLeod, a resident and young somewhat environmentalist of Greenville, had taken notice of the newly colored thneeds and immediately became suspicious. She continued and did research.

After Pappy was cursed by his Lorax to be immortal, he is unable to be killed by zombies.

Parker likes basketball. He once attracted a horde by playing basketball.