Name: Mia Isibéal Citlali

Age: 28

Place of Birth: Unknown.

Occupation: "Murderer."

Survival story/backstory: Mia grew up in a small town far from Thneedville until the age of sixteen. After a series of traumatic events occured, Mia and her father moved from their well-loved home and to the bustling city in hopes of escaping the darkness they left behind. Instead, they only found poverty, alcoholism, and disease.

When the Truffula Flu first began, Mia (always having been a zombie movie buff) became paranoid about an outbreak of the undead, and so began to stock up on miniscule items: canned food, bottled water, batteries, etc. Her father, as a joke, taught her how to loot abandoned houses. Soon after, the flu began to infect everyone, becoming a serious threat quickly. Mia and her father gathered what they could to escape, and sent off, hoping to make it far enough away from the flu where they would be safe.

Unfortunately, not two minutes down the road from their apartment, they struck a wayward undead and wrecked. Mia's father broke his leg, and with an oncoming hoarde approaching, he sent Mia away with a backpack and duffel bag. Mia has been surviving on her own since, unknowing if her father is dead or made it out by some miracle.

Relationships: Connor - father; deceased.