Prank-ler is currently part, and leader, of Camp Prank

Prank by Rings


Age: 23

Gender: Male

Status: Alive (and hopelessly lost)


Prank was caught off guard, the first signs of his infected situation being when his tent was taken over by a few rabid Barbaloots. Fleeing to Thneedville as to get away from the dangerous area he discovered the infected crowd of civilians who had spread panic around the town. Not taking any chance and at a lost for options, Prank quickly fled to a cave by the off skirts of town, now with only a mallet, few supplies, and his cowardly partner Silly Straw.


Despite his current situation Prank is still rather a loud mouth and daring; he tends to keep away from danger but ends up attracting it none the less. He enjoys being in charge and while rather bossy toward Silly, Prank likes having the other Once-ler as his friend in this nightmarish environment. 


Silly Straw and Prank were looking for food when Prank made a ruckus and alerted a horde of zombies. They ran and hid in an alley and currently are lost.


  • Silly Straw Once-ler: Teammate

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