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Gender:  Male

Status: Infected

Age: 26


Used to be a successful rockstar before the Truffula Flu started to spread. When running the business became impossible he got on his own with his jeep and went into the wild; Swag stumbled upon him during a supply run, in which he found his abandoned jeep and set it on fire. Rocky loved it.


Seemingly enthusiastic and carefree, Rocky tries to take the whole zombie deal as optimistically as he can, getting the best out of the situation and having as much fun as possible at killing and crashing stuff. Willing to help and doing his best at cheering his companions, he's the life of party of the camp.

As the story goes on, and especially after the hospital arc, it becomes clear that Rocky is mostly in denial with this situation and a lot more scared than he shows. Swag purposefully putting them in danger for the sake of the thrill finally makes him snap and admit he's not having fun anyore. These events lead him to lower his guard and cause him getting hi first bite during a careless excursion, which ironically allows him to go back to a and they often go out on errands together. Swag, which lead to him forgetting he's not bulletproof and tr a deep argument between them. They eventually reconciled ad Rocky staye close to Swag during his recovery from the loss of his foot. Rocky didn't have it in him to tell Swag about his bites until much later, tho it's implied Swag had started to catch on at some point and he's still in denial about it.


They didn't have many chances to interact and they're not very close, but with the burden of being the leader off of Entre's shoulders they managed to spend some time as proper compnions, playing music and doing reconnaissance/supply runs together. They have a eeling of mutual respect and kno they can count on each other. Entre was the only one Rocky confessed to having been bitten, after he took a bite for him from Oneler.


Rocky acts as a kind of older broter for Ted, trying to do his best to cheer him uand keep him safe. He did various things to keeps his morale up, like playingsongs and litting up firworks; the oe time he tried to teach him to smoke they ended up setting the whole camp on fire. Ted completely trusts Rocky and feels safe around him.


Despite Oneler being an infected cannibal on the loose, Rocky thinks he's a pretty cool guy. He was bitten by him during one of his episodes while trying to protect Entre, but Rocky doesn't hold it on him.