Silly Straw Once-ler is currently part of Camp Prank .
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Silly Straw by Not Nilly


Age: 23

Gender: Male

Status: Alive (and hopelessly lost)

Background: He first found out about the infection when his best friend Norma got horribly ill. After a traumatizing experience of watching her get killed, he ran away from home, finding Prank-ler . Now the two Once-lers camp in a cave by the off skirts of town.


Used to be a light hearted, care free guy before the infection spread. Now he has become a soft, paranoid, fragile man. He is depended on Prank and trusts the man will get him through this hell hole, but isn't very fond of Prank's adventureous decisions.


Silly Straw and Prank were looking for food when Prank made a ruckus and alerted a horde of zombies. They ran and hid in an alley and currently are lost.


  • Prank: Teammate

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