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We need to keep being there for each other, but we can’t stop going backwards!

Ted WigginsEdit

Age: 13


Gender: Male

Status: Infected (Carrier)


12-year old Ted Wiggins is from Thneedville, a place who's air supply became contaminated by the deadly spores that came from Entre's supply of blue Truffula Trees. The entire city is infected Ted being the only known survivor. As he escapes from the city, he is bitten and infected. Traveling with only a shovel and a mysterious vial, he travels for 2 weeks until Entre's camp finds him.


Personality: Ted is a bright-eyed kid who wants more than anything to keep the camp together and close. He is uncomfortable with shouting and is easily frightened by those who seem shaken and scared. Prior to finding the camp, he was highly hardened and serious; having little who didn't understand his situation, and lived in fear of being killed due to the appearence of his stagnant infection. Over time however, he regained his former child-like state and finds it easier to relax and be himself around the camp. Due to his half-dead state, his emotions are at an unusual high; often times he needs help calming himself down in certain situations.


  • Ted escapes from Thneedville and travels by foot across the Valley until he comes across Swag and Rocky in their Jeep. Swag convinces Ted to join Camp Entre.
  • Wandering astray from camp my himself, Ted walks into an old bear trap. Rocky goes out to find him, gets him out of the trap, and takes him safely back to camp. Rocky promises to protect Ted.
  • Ted feels untrusting of the other camp members besides BP and Rocky, acting a bit crude to them.
  • 72 joins the camp; Ted recognizes him and immediately starts warming up to him.
  • The camp has a day to relax and enjoy each others company by shooting off fireworks, telling stories, and singing.
  • Ted gives BP the syringe given to him when he left Thneedville. He asks BP to protect it and take care of it in case he himself loses it during one of his "episodes".
  • Ted has his first "episode" in camp. 72 helps him back into his normal state. Swag then takes him into one of the tents and reads him a section of Oh the Places You'll Go! to help calm him further. Ted starts warming up to Swag since he saw for the first time that he was capable of showing others compassion.
  • Swag, One-ler, Rocky, and BP go out for a supply run. Ted stays at camp with the others and attempts to reason with and comfort Bitter in his confused state. Bitter refuses his help and harms Ted.
  • Ted decides not to tell anyone about what Bitter did to him in fear that they'll have a reason to get rid of him faster.
  • 72 tells Ted that Bitter is inevitably going to die soon. Confused, hurt, and starting to have another "episode", Ted runs away from camp and finds an abandoned house and starts eating crows.
  • Dave goes out to find Ted and takes him back to camp. Dave decides to keep Ted's crow-eating on the down-low.
  • Bitter dies.
  • Ted has another "episode" and hallucinates that 72 is his father.
  • Ted spends the night with 72. Meanwhile Swag and the others come back from their supply run. Swag attempts to wake up Ted, when he suddenly attacks him; biting the left side of his face. Swag helps knock out Ted. 72 and Swag agree to keep Ted's bite a secret. 72 convinces Ted that he dreamt about biting Swag and that it didn't actually happen.
  • Ted goes to see Entre in his tent alone. Still traumatized from killing Bitter, Entre attempts to murder Ted by strangling him. Entre then suddenly comes to his senses and lets go of him. Ted immediately forgives and sympathizes with him.
  • Dave and Ted spend some time together. Ted goes into another "episode", but Dave quickly helps him back.
  • Ted goes into another episode later on and runs off unconciously out of camp. Rocky searches for a few days, finally finds him, and brings him back to camp.
  • The camp relocates to Camp Weehawken.
  • Upon arriving at Camp Weehawken, Ted joins Entre and Swag to go scouting through the cabins to make sure they're safe. They come across a cabin where an infected Creep-ler is. Entre and Swag talk Ted into killing Creep himself.
  • Ted has his 13th birthday, and the camp celebrates. Ted gets various presents from the camp members, including a Polaroid camera from 72.
  • Swag briefly mentions to Ted that he'll have to give some of his blood to help with the cure.
  • 72 asks Ted how he escaped Thneedville.
  • Rocky, Entre, and Ted go to smoke by the camp's lake, where Ted accidentally sets the oiled lake on fire, causing the camp to forcibly relocate before the place goes up in flames.
  • The camp arrives at the hospital.
  • Ted and Swag scope out the lobby of the hospital before the others go in to clear it.
  • The camp splits into two teams to search throught the building. Ted goes with Entre, 72, and One-ler.
  • Trapped in the elevator with the others, Ted is asked to go through the vent to get the power back on.
  • Ted gets the elevator working and reunites with Dave.
  • The camp flees the hospital and settle in an abandoned hardware store.
  • Ted meets Cowboy and introduces him to the camp. Entre agrees to let him stay.


He tries his best to maintain relationships in the camp, believing that the key to them all surviving is by staying together as a family.


Upon first arriving at the camp, Swag was one of the least-tolerable for Ted. He did not appreciate his haphazard way of doing things for the camp or for himself. Over the course of the AU, however, Ted softened his hard feelings about him after Swag had helped him get over one of his infection "episodes", and several times after that, Swag has shown him that he's more than just a big-talk loudmouth; he's family he can count on.


After joining the camp and asking around, Ted found out that it was Entre who had started the virus. Angry and mortified that it was him who's actions caused for Ted and the whole world to be infected, Ted held much contempt for Entre in the beginnings of the camp. It wasn't until after Bitter's death that Ted felt a strong need to help Entre as he was suffering from the trauma of killing another camp member. He wants to trust Entre with the camp, but is also aware of his mental instability and refuses for him to be "left alone". More recently in the AU, Ted is finding it more and more difficult to feel safe around him.


Having been faintly aquainted with 72 before, Ted took an immediate liking to him as soon as he made it to the camp. Ted admires and respects 72 the most out of the other camp members, and always keeps on his best behavior when he's around. The two have formed a loving bond between one another after helping each other out with their own personal internal conflictions about their situation and the world they now live in. Ted finds comfort in speaking to 72, and considers him a kind of fatherly figure.


Rocky was one of the people Ted trusted the most when he got to the camp. At first he saw him and Swag in the same light, but after Rocky had rescued Ted from an old bear trap in the Valley, he trusts Rocky 100%. He admires and loves him as an older sibling, feeling safe when he's with him. If there's anything that he needs, Ted will do it for him in a heartbeat--and they both help each other keep spirits up in camp. Ted often gives Rocky presents including drawings, a song, and a guitar pick.


BP and Ted were formally aquainted before the events of the Flu and considered each other as best friends. Once BP was taken under the wing of the camp, he and Ted clung tight together right away. Ted feels comfortable with BP in expressing his feelings and is worries due to the fact that they are closer in age than he is with anyone else in camp. Ted intrusted the mysterious syringe given to him by the Thneedville scientist to BP; who keeps it with him so Ted doesn't lose it if he starts to have an "episode".


Ted had barely known Dave before the Flu as Entre's secretary. Ted feels safe with Dave, as he acknowledges the fact that Dave tries to make him feel better in tense situations. After Dave had rescued Ted after he had eaten a flock of crows in an abandoned home, Ted understands and appreciates that he still treats him like a kid.


Ted and One-ler had been previously aquainted before the events of the Flu, where he would visit One-ler at his lerkim. Despite being reunited when Ted joined the camp, he felt very wary of One and actuallly tried to keep his distance from him. It is revealed that Ted actually didn't believe that One-ler was a cannibal until he joined Entre's camp and saw him eating the disposed infected. When Ted and One-ler were reunited at Entre's Camp, Ted asked if he could kill him if he asked him to, whereas One promptly agreed. Ted deeply respects One-ler. He always minds his language and phrasing when addressing him, carefully making sure to give him the treatment he deserves, since he recognizes that One one of the eldest members of the group.


Ted and Audrey had not been formerly aquainted before the Flu hit. He doesn't know much about her, other than the fact that she works very hard with Entre to attempt to produce a cure.

He trusts and feels at ease around her, since she is also at a closer age than the other group members. He knows that she works hard, so he tries to give her the space she needs to do what is best. Audrey had helped him considerably during his first blood test, calming him down to the best of her ability.


Prisma takes care of Ted when Swag tells her to do so. Ted likes her company, as she consoled him during Bitter's death by reading the book Swag gave him, Oh the Places You'll Go.


Ted met Cowboy after the camp arrived at the Hardware Store. After wandering off by himself, Cowboy found him and Ted introduced him to the camp because Cowboy was in dire need of food and shelter. Ted enjoys being with Cowboy. After they shared a time playing games together, it was easy for him to trust the man right away. He loves Cowboy's dialect.


Ted and the Lorax have shared minimal conversation between one another. Due to the Lorax's nature of disappearing and reappearing at random, they have yet to set any kind of bond.


  • Theodore Wiggins is an ask blog that portrays the Ted from the deleted song never used in The Lorax film, where his deepest desire was to obtain a Whozit. Hence, he has no recollection of any "Audrey", and his nature can be a bit curt at times. Although his want for a Whozit has diminished, he had tried to seek out a way to get trees planted in "his" Thneedville. Before the events of the Truffula Flu AU, Ted had lived in Thneedville, often sneaking out to see Once-lers to hear their stories and ask questions (the infection spread before his exile from the city).
  • Before the events of the AU, Ted and One-ler had shared a moment where they conversed about stars. Ted--having an intense fixation over them--would ask One-ler about the stars because he was unable to see them due to the dense polluted air in Thneedville. He had asked him what real stars were like and if he would ever get to see them, where One promised Ted that he would someday.
  • Ted's parents had passed away prior to the Flu outbreak. The circumstances are unknown. When Camp Weehawken had begun to burn, Ted managed to save a drawing he had done of his father; yet the burn damages had destroyed the face. It is suggested that Ted was very close to his father.