Welcome to the Truffula Flu WikiEdit

Here you can find hopefully all you need to know about the Truffula Flu AU, short of reading all the blogs themselves. We (will) have character bios and summaries of the story, which is far easier to navigate than the Tumblr blogs for the newly interested or those looking to catch up.

What is Truffula Flu?Edit

The Truffula Flu, also known as Ground Zero: Thneedville, is a Tumblr-based roleplay of the events of a zombie apocalypse taking place in the universe of The Lorax (2012). The characters are often reimaginings of the characters from the movie (mainly Once-lers) but other fandom or original characters can participate as well.

Anyone and everyone are welcome to join the roleplay, however, some groups or "camps" may not accept new members to their already developed or planned storylines.